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Children Believe Prepares For #GivingTuesday, Supporting Vulnerable Communities Globally

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Brands Supporting For GoodCOVID-19 continues to have an impact on all aspects of our daily lives, there have been so many stories about people doing their part to help, but PR In Canada wanted to share some stories about Brands Supporting For Good.

The effects of COVID-19 have hit families all around the world, but those in developing countries are experiencing unprecedentedly levels of hardship within their communities, where a lack of basic resources is the norm. Children, in particular, are greatly impacted by the sudden loss of adequate food, deepening family poverty, scarce resources and an increased risk of witnessing or suffering violence and abuse. This is why Children Believe – a Canadian charity that has helped more than one million children around the world overcome barriers to education and other life essentials especially during these times of COVID-19 – has been ramping up its support to the hundreds of thousands of people it serves across Africa, Asia and the Americas with the aim of providing life-saving relief.

Children Believe has been sharing prevention information through radio, pamphlets and other channels, and handing out hygiene kits, soap, sanitizer, gloves and masks.

“Together with our local partners, Children Believe is providing alternative learning methods to ensure education continues, especially for girls,” says Aki Temiseva, Chief Development and Marketing Officer, Children Believe. “The longer an adolescent girl is away from school, the greater the barriers to her future education as she may be forced into early marriage or become more vulnerable to sexual exploitation or forced labour.”

The organization is producing and sharing relevant content to enhance academic skills, as well as providing protection-focused messages about mental health and psychosocial support, and promoting child protection for children in supported communities, as well.

For the most vulnerable families in Children Believe-supported communities, the organization is also distributing Emergency Food Packs with critically needed rations – such as rice, pasta, oil and wheat, and providing essential services such as delivering protective equipment and other medical supplies.

To date, there are no official reports of children or families in the communities where Children Believe works, diagnosed with COVID-19. However, there are many reported cases in these countries and testing is limited. This has led to lockdowns, closures of non-essential businesses and schools, and implementation of local safety measures. It has also caused significant financial hardship for communities, not to mention the additional fear and anxiety that #GivingTuesdayis a direct result of the crisis.

Having lost the ability to earn an income, many families are struggling to provide food for their children, and, due to school closures, children no longer have access to nutritious school meals.

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