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Direct Energy And Sagesse Give Some “Real Talk” About Domestic Violence

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Direct Energy Partners with SagesseDomestic violence is a horrible thing for another human to experience, one in every three Albertans facing intimate partner abuse in their lifetime. With COVID-19 on the rise, experts warn that isolation, coupled with the stress of an economic downturn can worsen abusive relationships and may expose Albertans to an increased risk of violence. Direct Energy and Direct Energy Regulated Services have joined forces with Sagesse to help promote the organization’s REAL Talk campaign.

The REAL Talk campaign is focused on the goal of helping raise awareness with Albertans to recognize signs of domestic violence, empathize around the issue, ask questions, listen to what people need and connect people to services and supports within their communities. The campaign includes a free, custom two-hour workshop and online guide and is available to all Albertans and Alberta-based workplaces.

“80 per cent of people experiencing domestic violence tell someone in their social networks first, and a positive conversation is likely to lead to that person seeking further help,” said Andrea Silverstone, Executive Director, Sagesse. “Our aim is to lessen the stigma surrounding domestic violence so that it’s safe for people experiencing it to share their story, and to empower Albertans to help break the cycle of domestic violence through providing the understanding and skills needed to have those conversations.”

“Direct Energy and Direct Energy Regulated Services are dedicated to supporting Alberta families, and that begins with an emotionally and physically safe home,” said Tanis Kozak, Vice President & General Manager, Direct Energy. “We have seen the positive impact of REAL Talk training firsthand with our Customer Experience Team and are proud to be expanding REAL Talk training to be available to all of our Alberta staff. We have hosted five REAL Talk training sessions in 2020, training more than one-third of our staff to date and encourage all organizations in Alberta to do the same.”

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