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How Does Your Public Relations Agency Of Record Rank With Media?

Is Your Public Relations Agency Good At Media Relations?
  1. The agency nailed the presentation.
  2. The agency got you excited about working on your brand
  3. You signed the contract
  4. But can the agency deliver?

BoardOne of the most important metrics to measure public relations is whether they can provide your media coverage. Coverage either happens or it does not, there is no in between.

As a brand this is one of the most important ways that you measure your agency against. Is your agency strong when it comes to media relations? When they pitch a story, does the media pick up the phone? Do they get replies to their emails?

Can the agency deliver coverage with media and /or social media influencers?

Let’s put it to the test. For a limited Canadian public relations agency’s can work with us to determine their media relations score.

Before you hire your next public relations agency be sure to check their score!

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