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5 Benefits Of Client Testimonials

FeedbackIt is a very common practice for marketers to use customer testimonials to further help their business. Testimonials are a marketing strategy which involves endorsements by the customers with their ‘word of mouth’ play.

Client Loyalty

Have you ever given someone a testimonial? Did they use it on their website? Don’t you feel honored and appreciated? Giving a testimonial increases your emotional bond with that business and with the person who asked. Imagine the results of making every one of your clients feel appreciated.

This is why you want to ask for a testimonial every time someone thanks you. It’s not about getting enough testimonials, it’s about making those who appreciate you feel appreciated by you. Turn thankful clients into loyal, raving fans.

Loyal clients refer others. Loyal clients also give you leeway if and when you mess up or can’t meet their expectations. All this from just featuring their testimonial on your website.

If you’re antsy about what a client would say, ask for neutral feedback instead, or blame it on a marketing project. And if you like what they say, ask for permission: “Can we feature your kind words on our website?”


Establishes Trust

Since testimonials come from unbiased sources, readers tend to have more trust in them. If a company’s representative tells a potential customer how excellent their services are, the customer may not find it to be highly trustworthy since they’ll consider it just executives doing their job. However, when it comes from someone that is not linked to the company and has experienced the service firsthand, there is bound to be more trust.

Learning Opportunities

Sometimes feedback isn’t 100% positive. Or maybe the testimonial mentions something that you’d prefer not to highlight. Either way, collecting feedback is a great learning experience.

Like above, this market research can lead to great planning, improvements or refocusing what you offer. Hear the same things over and over again? Perhaps it’s time to pivot your business model or come out with a new offering.

Staff Appreciation

If you’re the business owner, ask your clients to give a testimonial about your staff. You will look honorable to your client, and it’s a great way of appreciating others. Showcasing staff compliments on your website is a win-win-win. Testimonials about your workplace also help with HR recruitment.

While venting can be healthy in some ways, public rants are rarely productive. Instead, ask coworkers to rave about each other. (Peer reviews are different: Management best practices advise you to keep formal reviews private or aggregated for anonymity.) Daily or weekly “rave sessions” can be a simple and surprising way to build morale and team spirit. It can inspire ideas, initiative and encourage everyone to excel.


Sales pitches make for the worst social media posts. It’s like handing out your brochure at a BBQ. Even on your Facebook business page or LinkedIn profile, where explicit promotion is tolerated, it’s better to showcase testimonials.

Testimonials are more productive when shared by raving fans. Social media seems tailor-made for this. It’s fantastic to see testimonials about you on someone else’s social media. Moreover, their friends, family and colleagues will see them raving about you. That’s proactive word-of-mouth marketing!

Increases Credibility

It has been proven that testimonials can help businesses grow. How does it happen? The truth is that a huge number of people would first go on the internet to know about a service provider before they buy the service. If the testimonials are good, potential new customers will be attracted to the service which means more business for you.

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