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Glacéau Smartwater Gives Torontonians A Taste Of The Simple Side For The Holidays

Toronto Fairmont HotelAs the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is hear, Glacéau Smartwater wants to inspire Torontonians to remember the simplicity of good taste.  Taking a moment to collaborate with local artist, Mitchell F. Chan of studio f minus, they unveiled an exclusive art installation at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel that will be on display through December 27.

The art work is prominently displayed within the windows flanking either side of the hotel entrance, the installation explores the purity of water via the concept of spiraling strings, and consists of three parts:

  • “wind” – inspired by the lightness of water in nature, swirling blue threads show the effect of wind on water and the varied ripples it creates.
  • “sky” – inspired by the give and take of the water cycle, blue thread spins at varied speeds creating an ongoing sequence of water in rotation.
  • “waves” – inspired by the calming narrative of waves, blue thread spins at different speeds to evoke the movement of water as it rises and falls with the tide.

“During this busy time of year, we wanted to help torontonians pause and enjoy a work of art in an unexpected place,” says Daniella Macri, Integrated Marketing Manager, smartwater and vitaminwater at Coca-Cola ltd. “mitchell’s installation does just that, while linking to the pure, crisp taste and sleek, sophisticated design of smartwater.”

Toronto Fairmont Hotel, SMARTWATER___MG_2998

Glacéau smartwater is also wants to remind Torontonians of its simple and pure, crisp taste through a series of out of home media advertising in select locations within the city.