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As G4 Prepares For Launch, LG Unveils New Daredevil Photographer Series Capturing Canada

black-leather - LG G4The new LG G4 smartphone is days away from being released in Canada, and early reviews sound like it will be another great device.  As part of the ramp up to LG’s new flagship smartphone being released, LG has enlisted Jayscale, Canadian daredevil photographer, as he puts the G4’s camera to the ultimate test in a skyscraping photographic expedition across Canada. Using only the LG G4, Jayscale has captured breathtaking images of Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver from dizzying heights – taken with permission and safety precautions from rooftops, helicopters and iconic sites. The LG G4 features a leading-edge camera with outstanding low light capabilities, making it the ideal device to create spectacular cityscape photos from dusk till dawn. The resulting images will be sold to the highest bidder in an online auction benefitting Make-A-Wish Canada. The auction is accessible to all Canadians online at

LG was also able to get Jayscale to provide a few tips for taking sky scraping shots:

  1. Be safe, get permission. Take advantage of accessible sky scraping locations like rooftop patios and tourist attractions like the CN Tower or the Empire State Building. These spots have some of the best views.
  2. Smartphone cameras like the LG G4’s are easiest to work with – shoot in manual mode so you can better control the exposure, white balance and manipulate the shutter speed.
  3. Export photo files in raw format for improved editing flexibility.
  4. It’s all about unexpected perspectives. Experiment with camera angles and light levels.
  5. Share your images with the world – social media is a great way to get noticed and get feedback.
  6. Smartphones like the LG G4 are a great starting point for learning composition and capturing spectacular shots.