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The Hive Turns TV Star In “The Pitch,” Gets Ready For Preview Party

As an agency, you know that it can be a “Dog eat dog world” when you are competing for a new piece of business, AMC wanted to give the world a behind the scenes look of this tough process.   The network launched a new series called “The Pitch,” which gives viewers a glimpse into the process of pitching for new agency business.  A few other media organizations such as AdAge and Toronto Star are picking up on the buzz and covered the show and agencies involved in it.   Readers of PR In Canada and those who pitch us will know that we always try to be impartial and not become a promotion piece for any one organization but we couldn’t hold back and share the news that Toronto’s The Hive has been selected as the only Canadian agency to be selected for the show.  This is great for the team at The Hive who has traditionally been quiet but I have a feeling they are going to start being a lot more vocal in the coming months, especially with their newest hire.

Here is a trailer of the show, if you watch closely you will see bit of The Hive team in the video:

To help celebrate this moment in the company’s history, they will be hosting a party on Monday, May 7th, during the event attendees will get an opportunity to check out their episode, oh and we have a few passes to get you in the door. (send us a note and we’ll give you the details).