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Bye Bye Optimum PR, Hello Citizen Optimum, New Name, Bigger And Global Focus And Reach

For months we had heard that Optimum PR was going through some changes, General Manager Nick Cowling was always coy with me when I tried to get answers out of him, but today they have announced their new name – Citizen Optimum.

“Citizen Relations reflects the democratization of communication and the changing landscape of how people receive and share information. Our efforts are fuelled by deep insight-led understanding of people, their cares and influences, and we’re specially engineered for the new networked world,” said Daryl McCullough, chairman of Citizen Relations.

The new entity brings together PainePR from the U.S., Optimum from Canada and Band & Brown and Brando from the U.K. and is further supported by strategic alliances in Asia Pacific, Latin America and India.  This represents a collaboration over the last five years and more than 200 communications professionals to help create this global entity.  Optimum is the public relations arm of Cossette, who’s roster of clients include organizations such as Future Shop, APTN, Procter & Gamble, Hydro One, General Mills, Hyundai, Toys R Us, IKEA Canada.