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Agence FDM Launches Digital Division, Adds Digital Marketing Director

Founded in 2011, Agence FDM is a boutique agency specialized in developing marketing and public relations strategies. Every project is unique, and Agence FDM offers communication... 

Jérémie GingrasLast month Agence FDM [TCO] announced several promotions to their talent roster, but that was just the start of more big changes for the Quebec-based agency over the course of 2021.  Today, Agence FDM [TCO] has announced the agency has expanded its digital offering to include search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click media (PPC).  This is in addition to 
services such as social media strategy services, content creation and digital advertising management which they have been offering for years.
The agency is also making a big investment to strengthen its talent roster with the addition of 5 new team members that will focus on the agency’s newly launched digital division.  Jérémie Gingras has come on board as Digital Marketing Director, previously he was responsible for digital programs at Couche-tard and Olymel. On a daily basis, Jérémie advises clients and suggests avenues of action, allowing them to optimize each of the dollars invested.

AGENCE FDM Laurence Bilodeau joins the group as a Digital Marketing Strategist, she has been with the agency for almost two years now quickly rose through the ranks thanks to her thirst for learning.  Additionally, Mélissa Vasco-Villeneuve has been added as a Digital media consultant who has been been part of the FDM team for almost four years. Upon arrival, she immediately wanted to bring her artistic eye and creativity to FDM’s projects. As such, she developed the content creation component at the agency. 

Also being added to the FDM digital team as Digital Media Coordinators are Maude Lavigne and Aurélie Vachon.

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