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GoDaddy Scores Another Free Throw With Muggsy Bogues’s “Book Deal”

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GoDaddyGoDaddy [TCO] is rolling out the next phase of their marketing campaign with the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Raptors Alumnus, Muggsy Bogues. In this phase, a new GoDaddy television commercial spot, titled ‘Book Deal,’ (video below) was created featuring Muggsy’s book business as a result of having a website and an integrated online presence. In the new spot Muggsy talks about the release of another product – Motivational Mugs, being sold on his website’s online store powered by the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing product.

“GoDaddy Websites + Marketing provided the springboard my business needed to help get it off the ground. And as a result, the online sales for my book, ‘A Raptor Tale’ skyrocketed,” said Muggsy Bogues. “Based on this success, I’m expanding my business; I’m thrilled to launch my new motivational mugs line online.”

After the success of Muggsy Bogues’ storybook ‘A Raptor Tale,’ this follow-up phase of GoDaddy’s marketing campaign with Muggsy and the Toronto Raptors, features how Muggsy’s book deal led to the launch of his new motivational mugs line, which are now available for fans across Canada to enjoy. The campaign was created to highlight GoDaddy’s ease of used to create a website. 

The mugs are available to purchase online from Muggsy’s website with net proceeds from the sale of the mugs benefitting MLSE Foundation, which is focused on improving and empowering the lives of youth through sports and recreation.


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