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Bonne Maman Gets Some Branding And Buzzing At Secret Garden Rooftop Party

Branding & Buzzing helps North America’s best food and bev brands want to own a moment, spread the word or launch a product, they knock on our door, and ...

Bonne Maman Garden PartyThe secret is out – Bonne Maman [TCO] Intense Fruit Spreads have hit the market and they are delicious!  Recently the brand enlisted the help of its agency partner Branding & Buzz [TCO] to help organize a rooftop party in downtown Toronto.

Secret Garden Party In The City Overview

The objective of the campaign was to elevate brand awareness throughout Canada for Bonne Maman’s newest product, Intense Fruit Spreads, by creating a media and influencer event. Over 120 guests joined Bonne Maman for the launch of their new line including at the Secret Garden Rooftop Party in downtown Toronto.

Photography credit: Photos by Josh Tenn-Yuk courtesy of Bonne Maman.

How did people in attendance engage with the brand and new product?

Four Intense fruit spreads (apricot, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry) were sampled in unique ways, from savory appetizers to premium bourbon libations, mocktails, pairings with international cheeses such as Snowdonia Cheese from Northern Wales, and tasting the spreads at the ice cream cart.
A DIY floral arranging station was set-up where guests created bouquets using the iconic Bonne Maman jars, serving as another reminder how they can recycle them afterwards.

Results from the Secret Garden Party

The event was a success for Bonne Maman brand who shared the following event metrics with us:

  • Online Reach: 145,000
  • Online Impressions: 140,000
  • Instagram Photo Likes: 2,308
  • Instagram Photo Comments: 275

Marie DiGenove-Bonne, Director, business development, principals and food service, St-Hubert Détail – Meilleures Marques Ltée et Maître Saladier Inc. added the following:

“We’ve been working with Branding & Buzzing for the past 5 years and were excited to create an interactive unique event for media and influencers to fully engage with the Intense Fruit Spread line by Bonne Maman. This helped build brand awareness for Bonne Maman Intense, as well as strengthen retail investing and marketing across Canada.”
What were your overall thoughts of the Secret Garden Party In The City event?
“As always, Brand and Buzzing were able to develop a unique and charming event that attracted the perfect crowd”.
What was your overall impression of attendee’s reactions to this new innovative product being brought to Canada?
“We have launched Intense in other market, and so far we are winning market shares in each one of them. By the response we got at this event and by the comments we get from our super users, we’re confident it will continue to increase Bonne Maman’s popularity and love among Canadians.”

How did Branding & Buzzing bring your event ideas to fruition?

Branding & Buzzing is no stranger to Bonne Maman  and has produced over 20 Bonne Maman events, workshops and campaigns over the past 5 years.  

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