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Strategic Objectives Gets Cooking At Backyard BBQ Launch For Morningstar Farms

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Are you ready for BBQ season? To help you get ready for the summer weather MorningStar Farms recently held a backyard bbq and enlisted their agency partner Strategic Objectives (SO) [TCO] to help plan and execute the various launch initiatives. The SO team turned to country music duo The Reklaws to get the party started and provide some entertainment for attendees.  MorningStar Farms brought out the grill to provide attendees which included influencers and media to an assortment of MorningStar Farms Veggie Burgers.  These burgers feature real ingredients like black beans, chickpeas, carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms and much more goodness, and finally are available in Canada.  They have been so popular that many Canadians would make special trips south of the border to get their MorningStar Farms Veggie Burgers fix.

The company is on a mission to bring the burgers to Canada and aims to convert even the toughest plant-based skeptics into flavour believers – one tasty bite at a time.

“Our research shows that Canadians who want to eat less meat are looking for plant-based proteins that are flavourful with real ingredients they can see,” says Christine Jakovcic, VP Marketing & Nutrition, Kellogg Canada Inc., the company behind MorningStar Farms. “That’s why we’re so excited to introduce MorningStar Farms Veggie Burgers to Canadians. They are positive proof that exciting and tasty vegetarian meals don’t need to be fussy or expensive. Plant-based foods are also affordable and environmentally efficient – they require less land and water than animal-based foods – and provide great nutrition. As a plant-based pioneer for more than 40 years, MorningStar Farms couldn’t be more thrilled that plant-based options are finally getting the attention they deserve!”

MorningStar Farms’ Veggie Burgers come in three flavours – Harvest Veggie Burgers, Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers. The meat alternative category up 40% since 20132 and the new Canada’s Food Guide suggesting choosing protein foods that come from plants more often.

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