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Brookline Public Relations Has Big Wins As Multiple Clients Renew With The Agency

Brookline Public RelationsRecommended Vendor: Brookline Public Relations, Inc. is a strategic public relations and marketing communications firm dedicated to helping.... Learn more about Brookline Public Relations

Brookline Public Relations [TCO] has had a strong first half of 2019, we have shared the agency’s news on their vendor listing in our Marketplace. Brookline has shared with us the agency has announced that two of its clients have renewed their engagement and have become returning clients. 

Brookline will be driving public relations for the 2019 Energy Disruptors: UNITE summit in Calgary, Alberta on September 17 and 18, 2019. As the official public relations partner, Brookline is managing all public relations activities including media relations, influencer relations, on-site media registration, and international media management.

For Canadian Badlands Tourism (CBT) , Brookline will continue to provide strategic media relations support and coordinate FAM trip opportunities this summer to highlight some of southern Alberta’s most exciting attractions and experiences.

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