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Congratulations #WowMoms

Our mothers do so much for us, selflessly and without complaint.   To celebrate Mother’s Day we asked you to help us select who you felt was the top #WowMom in our community.  There are so many super heroes who manage the family home, and crush it out in the workforce across the marketing and public relations industry.

Several amazing mothers from across Canada were nominated over the last few months.  All of the stories were truly inspiring and every mother deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.

Based on nominations and votes you have selected Jessica Moran, Founder, JESSCO as your 2020 #WowMom. We would like to give a special mention to Peggy Vrettis, Account Manager, 1Milk2Sugars.

Jessica Moran, Founder, JESSCO

Jessica Moran
Work Achievements
  • Launched her own consultancy during a time where many agencies were struggling for work in key industries. 
  •  Achieved outstanding media results throughout the year with over 10M + Coverage views on Global media coverage for clients
Personal Achievements
  • Day in and day out parenting a tween with Autism, Anxiety, Depression, & ADHD while continuing to be a successful badass female entrepreneur, and advocating for other special needs parents 
  • Balancing the needs of the entire family (2 kids total), with an equally successful partner with a demanding job, while providing an open-dialogue/community for other siblings, and parents of special needs families since their journey is so unique/can be isolating.

What is a #WowMom?

A Canadian working mom in the advertising, communications, public relations and/ or marketing industry.  She is crushing it at the office and equally crushing it at home!

Scoring was based on a total of 100 points, and broken down as following:

  • 75% is based on the nomination submission
  • 25% is based on votes from the community