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Welcome To PR In Canada

Welcome! Your organization is now a Corporate Member of PR In Canada which entitles you and your team to the benefits listed on our Corporate Member page. There are a few steps that we suggest you do to maximize your membership.

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Welcome to PR In Canada
Step 1

 Please share this link with your team (

  1. Member-Only content - Some of our content requires a user to register to access.  Once an individual registers we will upgrade the appropriate member level so they can access (You must have an account in the system to access Member-Only content)
  2. Email Newsletters - You will be opted to receive our newsletters
  3. Member Dashboard - Members will also have access to this area

Step 2

Send any new stories about your organization and/ or the work you have done. This could include:

  • Account Wins - new agency of record (AOR), or project wins
  • Campaigns - programs, initiatives or events you are hosting (let us know, we might be able to send someone to cover what you accomplished for your client)
  • One The Move - promotions & new hires

Step 3
  • Company Listing - As part of the marketplace your company will be listed on The Connected One (our parent company).
  • Boilerplate - check your boilerplate to ensure it is up to date; also the other details about your organization.
  • Recent Stories - An achieve of stories about your company; this helps readers (and potential customers) learn more about your organization
  • Thought Leadership - share your expertise
  • Details [TAB] - More information about your organization
  • Business [TAB] - Information about your company's success such as industry awards & client testimonials
  • People [TAB] - The senior leadership of your organization & bios; also any current job listing
  • Ranking [TAB] - Your organization's company score card

Profectio - Our sister publication covers the Canadian online advertising and marketing industry.

Step 4

GET READY!!! Every few week someone from our team will contact you about new opportunities to help you build your brand awareness. Some examples of ways that we help do this include our:

Our Network Includes:
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