Advertising Equivalency’s Hangin’ Around Like a Bad Smell

Much has been written in recent years of the perils of advertising equivalency so, while one might think that it’s not something we need to revisit, it is. It’s frightening how many folks find their way to my blog—and I suspect any other measurement blogger out there—on a daily basis because they’ve searched for a way to calculate ad value.

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Ys, Xers and Boomers:  Getting the messages straight among colleagues, job candidates

Recruiting, however, is a two-way street. Smart job candidates take the time to consider in advance how they will be perceived by a potential employer, and what makes that employer tick. They research the organization, its values, and sometimes even the person they are dealing with. This type of preparation is appreciated! It always makes me smile when a candidate says they Googled my name and learned something relevant about my background.

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Measuring Stakeholder Relationships: A Case Study

We work in an increasingly ‘direct-to-stakeholder’ world. Stakeholder, influencer, key opinion leader relationships are everything in this business. So if the industry is investing time and money in initiating, building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders for mutual benefit, then there sure better be a way to first diagnose the situation, respond to it, then measure […]

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