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Get Your Clients Twittering…Before Someone Else Does

Such is the shadowy nature of the web that, when a colleague told me that he’d found Britney Spears on Twitter-therealbritney-I didn’t believe that it was actually her. A look through therealbritney’s profile reveals it likely is-personal details, links to her official site and Britney-branded wallpaper attest to its authenticity-but my immediate reaction is testimony […]

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Fair Trade Chocolate's Message Delivered By "Reverse-Trick-Or-Treating"

It’s Hallowe’en in four days-our annual chance to get dressed up, freaked out, and pig out on copious amounts of candy. It’s supposed to be a fun holiday, so most people don’t think about where their Hallowe’en candy comes from. Human rights advocacy groups are hoping to change all that through the Reverse Trick-Or-Treating initiative. […]

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To Manage Its Reputation, Canada Needs To Stop Toxic Souvenirs

More than a year after lead-laden toy scandals broke,  toxic toys are turning up in the worst possible incarnation: Canada-branded souvenirs. Health Canada ordered a recall of  toys like miniature hockey sticks and stuffed toys dressed as Mounties after an investigation by the Toronto Star found they contained dangerous amounts of lead. It looks terrible […]

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Explain this one to me: CIOs Don't Plan To Implement Social Media Tools

So itWorld Canada reports that a Robert Half Technology survey shows nearly two-thirds of CIOs aren’t planning to implement tools like wikis, blogs or social networks at their companies.  Isn’t THAT ironic, Alanis. How could Canada’s CIOs not appreciate the way these tools improve internal communications at corporations-something so vital during (to use the phrase […]

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