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Job Posting Now Available On PR In Canada

Is Your Company Hiring? PR In Canada – is Canada?s newest online publication dedicated to the public relations industry with fresh news and articles every day. Our purpose is simple-to be the voice for communications and public relations industry across Canada. We want to share your opinions, thoughts, success stories and research that will […]

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Celebrity Endorsement Might Be The Best Bang For Your PR Dollar

The celebrity endorsement game has certainly changed. It’s not enough anymore to slap the latest movie star’s photo on a bottle of perfume and call it a product pitch.  Now, most celebrities collaborate heavily (or at least claim to) on whatever product or brand they’re shilling. Which means a celebrity endorsement might just be the […]

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Does Transparency Mean Corporations Can Reform Themselves Without Changing? Thoughts From The Shel Holtz Dinner

I got into an interesting debate at last night’s Third Tuesday Toronto meetup with Shel Holtz. Specifically, the theme of the night was business transparency, and how in a post-digital world, companies can’t afford to operate with opacity any longer. That caused one of my table mates to bring up a story that caused a […]

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Communications Hurt By The "Generational Firewall": Grown Up Digital And Don Tapscott

I attended the official launch of Don Tapscott‘s latest book,  Grown Up Digital, last night.   He delivered an excellent talk about how he firmly believes that “Netgeners”-those born between 1977 and 1994 and who have never known life without computers-will turn out smarter,faster and more creative than generations before them. I’ll admit I felt smug […]

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Are Organizations Ready For Social Media Customer Service?

It was bound to happen.  Companies are taking the two-way communication model of social media and bringing it to the next level. Specifically, they’re beginning to use them as extensions of their customer service departments. According to Brandweek,  Twitter is a particularly popular tool for this.   The ease of adding followers and sending Tweets make […]

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