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A page for staff of GCI to learn more about how to take advantage of your Corporate Membership.  Staff will be able to find out more PR In Canada and how to best engage with us.  Be sure to share this page with the rest of the team!

GCI Canada

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What should I send to PR In Canada?

As the only publication dedicated to covering the Canadian public relations industry you will want to send us stories to be included in columns such as:

  • Account Wins - Our column dedicated to covering which agencies are winning new business
  • Campaign Corner - Stories about the latest campaigns from brands and agencies across Canada
  • On The Move - the latest in new hires and promotions

Be sure to also include images.  Are you hosting an event on behalf of client? Let us know and we might be able to attend and cover it; or provide post event coverage.  Give is as many ways to help showcase your agency's abilities and expertises.

GCI Canada Vendor Profile

Be sure to check out the vendor profile in our Marketplace.

Executive Profiles: 

  • Joe Peters
  • Kristy Derkson

Awards Programs

Here are some of our upcoming awards programs:

  • Social Media Success Awards
  • NextGen Awards
  • PR Person of the Year
  • Women In Communications & Marketing
  • Top 40 Under 40

Get Involved

Get involved in the community, become a volunteer.

Community Board

Connect with us on social media

Be sure to follow and share stories on social (ESPECIALLY when it is about your agency / clients:



Our sister publication Profectio, (latin for the source), the online publication dedicated to Canada‚Äôs online advertising and marketing industry.  Our purpose is simple, to be the voice for advertising and marketing professionals across Canada.  We share your opinions, thoughts, success stories and research that helps to keep the industry growing.  For more information visit - www.profectio.com

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