4. The first sentence of your email pitch

By Dave Forde / June 27, 2020

Get straight to the point – journalists are time-poor and appreciate direct emails.

No need for pleasantries, such as ‘how was your weekend?’ etc.

Simply say, ‘Please find attached and below a story about MY NEWS ANGLE’.

By using the term ‘story’ and not ‘press release’ you are talking the language of the journalist and immediately showing them that you have something they need.

First Sentence pitch to journalist

This is important: Get your news angle in the first sentence.

If you’ve created a quality press release then you have identified what makes your story newsworthy.

Simply lift the information from the first paragraph of your press release.

By now 99% of journalists will have decided whether or not they are interested in your story.

They are simply looking for quality news story and feature story examples.