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Bart Simpson

What I Like: Bart Simpson, President, Earth


What I Like …

An insight: The only secret to life: Get up early, work hard, take responsibility.
An influential person in my career: Former boss Chuck Yash. He challenged me to do more!
A timeless idea: Treat people fairly.
A hire: My assistant that I hired 11 years ago.
A movie that you MUST watch: “Lombardi” … so inspiring!
An idea or invention I wish I had thought of: The remote control.
A fantasy job: A cabdriver in Chicago or New York City.
My job: Being surrounded by talented and passionate people from all over the world.
The future of my industry: Incredible growth fueled by new media.

What I’d Like To …

Change: Airline service. I just want someone to care!
Change in what I do: Relax a little bit.
See more of in my industry: More selfless athletes who use their fame for a positive influence.
See less of in my industry: Dishonesty.

What I Don’t Like …

In general: People who are late.
Pet peeve: People chomping on food.
In business: Marketing spin. I hate when brands mislead the consumer.


What I Like …

People: My employees.
Above all else: My daughters.
That would surprise those who know me: I go to bed at 8:30 p.m.
About myself: Still passionate about my job and industry I started in 25 years ago.
Book: “Golf in the Kingdom,” by Michael Murphy.
Author: James Patterson.
Magazine: Sports Illustrated.
Website: Amazon.
Gadget: Wine opener.
Smartphone app: ITunes.
Hobbies: Jogging, watching ESPN and (of course) golf.
Trip: Augusta.
Food: Pizza, hamburgers.
Dessert: Ice cream.