During the months of January & February 2021 we looked at Female-led agencies across North America, focusing on the agency's business accomplishments and growth.  These agencies provided a variety of services for their clients including Advertising, Media Buying/ Planning, Public Relations, Event Planning, and more.
Methodology: an open call was made, data was calculated based on Agency Growth (ex. Account Wins; Retention and Project Wins) during the period of January 1 - February 28, 2021.   A weighted score was given to each agency based on the metrics above.  The first 15 agencies with the highest score are listed below (names of the brands are not disclosed).

Here are the top Canadian female-led agencies.

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What the data tells us?

  • Brands still value good work, and  the average retention rate was 11% during the time period
  • Project work is still a consistent revenue for agencies representing 29%

  • Agencies

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