PR In Canada, Profectio and The Connected One are creating a PSA to encourage more people to get a COVID-19 vaccination.  Your help is needed!

We invite you to join fellow professionals working in the Canadian advertising, marketing and public relations industries and share a short personal message encouraging  others to get a COVID-19 vaccination.  Your submitted messages will be added to a final page where others can be inspired to take take action - and get vaccinated.

Steps: Simply fill out the form below with your message.  (ex. It could be a personal experience, a reason why you feel it important to get vaccinated.)   Or if you are a bit shy or don't know what to say you can still take part - just add your name to the list.

Next: You will receive an confirming that we have received your message. Upon approval you will get a link to the final page with all of the approved messages. (see example message at bottom of this page)

 Initiative: The final product will be part of an online PSA that will be shared across our network, partners and other social platforms.

* All messages are subject to approval. 

Dave Forde - Founder, PR In Canada

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Official sources for more information on COVID-19

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Anthony Fauci


So we've got to approach this the way we approach smallpox, the way we approach polio, and the way we approach measles and other devastating global outbreaks.

Mark Markting Vice President marketing


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