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Your product or service is game changing. You turned the TV and see the media interviewing the CEO of a similar company.

  • Do you wish the media would interview about your product/ service?
  • Do you feel that media coverage will help more people know about your product/ service?

While scrolling through the the newspaper you see an article dedicated to a product.

  • Would you like to have your company featured in the media?
  • Can more brand awareness help your business grow?

Business Growth

Benefits of media coverage

  • Brand visibility and reputation. First and foremost, you’ll get your brand recognized by a wider range of people, and you’ll start getting noticed as more of a major player or thought leader, especially if you’re covered consistently over time.
  • Third-party credibility.   Research proves that consumer and trade media are trusted by audiences.  Being featured in the news still rank high in believability.  Also, information from the press is trusted more than government and business sources. Consumers generally know that media outlets typically have an editorial process. If a reporter writes a positive story about your company, it’s more credible than you running an advertisement touting how great your organization is.
  • Brand Awareness.   This is a big one. There is nothing better to expose you and your business to a bigger audience than earning media. Depending on what media outlet you get featured on, you could get in front of thousands of new potential customers. It is a ready-made audience that you get to tap into! These are likely new people who have never seen you before.  By incorporating media relations into your overarching marketing communications plan, you can build brand awareness by securing positive coverage in trusted media outlets. 
  •  Talent and recruitment. People want to work for growing and successful companies.  Your media exposure may help you naturally attract more talent to your business.

Do you need to hire a communications (public relations) agency?

NO! Let's be honest, you have choices:

  • Do nothing and not hire an agency (this costs you nothing)
  • Do it yourself, or an internal staff member (this costs you time)
  • Hire a public relations agency (there is a cost, but the right partner will deliver you business results)

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

- Benjamin Franklin

Why do you need a make a decision?

You have invested money, time and other resources into your business, now it is time to ensure the right people know about your offering. If not, you might as well shut the doors.  We live in a global world, consumers have choices and now is the time to get your message in front of them.  If you do nothing, your competitors will!

How can PR In Canada help your brand?

 Schedule a 10-minute COMPLIMENTARY call with PR In Canada and we will take you through our proven process to help you determine a communications solution that helps you achieve your business needs.

What are the benefits of a Complimentary Public Relations Agency Audit?
  • You will walk away having a better clear idea as to where you brand is position related to your specific industry
  • A clear idea whether you need to hire an agency or not
  • How public relations can help your brand
  • It is FREE and takes 10-minutes

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