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When I Get Asked: What Is PR?

By PR In Canada / August 30, 2016

Guest Post by Michelle Prak. Michelle is a Public Relations Consultant at Prakky J. You can connect with Michelle on LinkedIn or Twitter. Most businesses are familiar with the concept of advertising and marketing – but public relations can be misunderstood. I still get asked: what is PR? As a business, you know you need to let your […]


5 Content Marketing Tips

By Dave Forde / August 5, 2014

As a communications professional, you are often called upon to help your client or employer to distribute content about the company’s products or services. Here are 5 simple tips you might consider before you hit “send” next time:


5 Reasons PR Pros Can Not Ignore Mobile And Their Impact On Business

By Dave Forde / September 19, 2012

Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Microsoft, there are so many choices for smartphones today, but believe it or not, there are still a few among us that have phones that look like they are from he days of the 8-track. As a public relations professional you can no longer ignore the impact and power that mobile has and continues to have on the business world.

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