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What Is Media Relations?

By Dave Forde / August 24, 2018

Media relations is when one person interaction with an editor, reporter, journalists or blogger. The media outlets (media) can be a newspaper, radio, television, website, blog or social media profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Pinterest.


5 Benefits Of Client Testimonials

By Dave Forde / August 1, 2018

It is a common practice for marketers to use customer testimonials to further help their business. Testimonials are a marketing strategy which involves endorsements by the customers with their ‘word of mouth’ play.


3 A’s Leaders Can Apply To Achieve Skyscraper Success Like The Rock

By Dave Forde / July 24, 2018

Having pecs that can bounce a berry off them or being the the highest paid actor of all time in Forbes’ 20-year history should be enough for every movie you make to be a success. Right? While he might been known as The MOST Electrifying Man In Sports-Entertainment/all of entertainment, and his earnings almost doubled in […]


How To Write A Press Release That The Media Will Actually Use

By PR In Canada / August 5, 2016

Guest Post by Kaitlin Thals. Kaitlin is a Senior Digital Producer at SEED. You can connect with Kaitlin on LinkedIn. An insight into pitching messages and products effectively, from a former journalist. If you work in public relations or communications for a business or organisation and you’re trying to get your message out there — I’ve got some secrets […]


5 Ways Social Media Can Help You Deliver Better Customer Service

By Dave Forde / August 19, 2014

Headlines have been dominated lately with burning headlines about bad customer service, but there are some good solutions to help with your customer service. Here are a few thoughts: Be quick. The speed of which things move due to social media is occurring in seconds.  Establish best practices for how quickly social media inquiries should be answered. […]

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