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Judges will review each submission and the individual's achievements over the past 12 months.

  • Account Director or Supervisor of the Year: Superior rapport with clients; developed unique programs whose success should be supported with data. Testimonials from clients will factor into the judging.
  • Agency Account Manager of the Year: Strong planning skills and vision for PR strategy for a single account or multiple accounts. Demonstrated leadership with clients and team members.
  • Community Relations Professional of the Year: Either launched a new and successful community outreach program or took an existing program to new heights. Showed leadership in inspiring internal stakeholder engagement with an organization's community. (Client-side only)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Leader: Either launched a new and successful sustainability program or took an existing program to new heights. Goals of sustainability program(s) should be stated clearly, and metrics showing success should be evident. (Client-side only)
  • Crisis Manager of the Year: Led overall communications efforts during an organizational crisis; proven ability to protect an organization's reputation and stay on message during a crisis. (Client-side only)
  • Digital Communications Leader of the Year: Led a communications team to innovate across multiple digital platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Results should be measured in number of Twitter followers for a brand or organization, Facebook likes, increase in Web traffic, etc.
  • Financial Communications Professional of the Year: Led outreach to investors and analysts during a challenging or notable period for an organization, and succeeded in having the core message resonate with stakeholders and the media. May also have advised on or led communications during a strategic shift for an organization.  (Client-side only)
  • Government Communicator of the Year: Led successful communications efforts for a local, provincial or federal agency or department. Communications challenges for the agency or department should be stated clearly, as well as evidence of success.  (Client-side only)
  • Internal Communicator of the Year: Successfully led an organization's internal communications efforts during a major organizational change such as a merger, acquisition, CEO change, product launch or rebranding, or has established a successful intranet or social media policy.  (Client-side only)
  • Media Relations Professional of the Year: Surpassed target goals of media impressions and awareness of a brand, product, service or organization. Demonstrated strong relationships with journalists and bloggers through all channels, including social media, or succeeded at respositioning a brand through media outreach. 
  • Public Relations Professional of the Year: Corporate: Demonstrated success at repositioning an organization or brand; led programs that resulted in significant revenue increases; produced unique PR campaigns that led to increased budgets for PR activity within a company; successfully built external programs and partnerships.  (Client-side only)
  • Public Relations Professional of the Year: Nonprofit/Association: Oversaw communications efforts that led to increased donations or membership, or secured major media coverage that led to increase in awareness of goals of nonprofit organization or association.  (Client-side only)
  • Public Relations Professional of the Year: Agency: Helped lead a public relations agency to growth in client base and/or revenue; expanded scope of agency's offerings; spearheaded winning campaign (s) on behalf of a client.
  • Public Relations Team Leader: Led a public relations team that demonstrated consistent success over the past year; established herself/himself as a mentor and expanded skill sets of teammates.
  • Publicist of the Year: Excelled as a brand advocate and at leading media tours, crafting sound bites, writing press releases, pitching the media and securing positive media coverage.
  • Public Affairs Professional of the Year: A leader in political and public affairs who has successfully spearheaded advocacy initiatives and influenced policy and public opinion.

  • PR Person of the Year : You have had a stellar career so far, and continue to deliver results for your agency or brand, must have been working in the public relations industry for 10+ years
  • Executive or Manager : As a senior industry professional, you have been in management roles for 7+ years and continue to deliver game changing results
  • Founder : Coming into the industry you wanted to make big changes, now you run a leading Canadian marketing agency that is having a strong impact on the business world, must have been working in the public relations industry for 10+ years

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