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We expanded our awards program to include Top 40 Under 40; Top 40 Under 40 Specialty Awards.  All applicants must be 39 or under by May 31, 2017 and working in Canada.
Judging will be based on a point system (for a total of 10 points), and will use the following criteria to select the winners:

  • Nominee’s efforts, accomplishments and impact. The nomination should reflect a meaningful commitment of time and service by the nominee. The nominee’s service should demonstrate positive impact on the industry.
    • Work Accomplishments [within the past year] – 5 points – Briefly describe one or two examples of something the nominee accomplished during the last year. Ex taking the lead of an innovating campaign; helping lead or launch a new division; increasing business by (x)%; demonstrate excellence in creativity; great problem solving; what did the individual do to make them stand apart at their respective company
    • Volunteer – [within the past year] – 2 points – giving back to the community, donating your time to a great cause/ organization/ project
    • Testimonial – [within the past year] – 2 points – Provide a testimonial from a past or current manager
    • Peer Votes – 1  point – Here is your chance for coworkers, clients and others who have worked with you to submit their vote for you

Whether you are submitting an example of a work accomplishment or just voting for a nominee it ALL counts towards each nominee’s point score, be sure to take part and your voice heard!

Specialty Awards

  • Internal Communications – We are looking for exceptional internal communication efforts from this past year.   Newsletters, magazines, articles, videos, intranets, and more.
  • Investor Relations – In the area of investor relations, you have been a rock star over the last year within the financial community.
  • Government Relations – Within the government sector, this individual knows how to craft a story that helps balance your client’s needs while upholding the truth to the public.
  • Media Relations – Once you have completed a press release, the ability to pitch it to bloggers and media can make the biggest difference in your success.
  • Rookie of The Year – As one of the newest members of the Canadian public relations industry, you have demonstrated an exceptional ability in your first year in the Canadian public relations industry (from May 2016 – 2017).
  • Social Media – As a public relations professional, you have also embraced social media both for your clients as well to build your own brand.
  • Our specialty awards will also use the criteria above

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