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Replace "ABC PR (Sample Agency)" with your agency name once you have entered for a customized voting page for your agency.

We are glad that you have agreed to be part of the judging process for our annual Media Relations Awards.  This is your opportunity to help select (3) Canadian public relations agencies that you feel do the best job at pitching to you based on your focus that you cover.

Our Goal: By asking you to take a moment to help rank the best agencies on their ability to pitch stories to you we hope this will improve the overall pitching for the industry as well as foster better media relations between bloggers/ journalists and public relations individuals.

** Your submissions will be kept strictly confidential, all data will only be used in an aggregate form; no one will know which agency you voted for.

Voting is simple and takes less than 1 minute.

1. Use the form below to vote for the (3) agencies you feel are best at pitching news stories to you (based on your area of focus. Ex. Auto Journalist, Food Blogger, Travel Journalist.

2. Hit Send

Oh, feel free to let other bloggers/ journalists know they can vote.

This page has been created specifically for: ABC PR (Sample Agency) - visit their profile here (insert link); and you will be able to  vote for (2) other agencies.

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 Having had the pleasure of working with The World's Biggest PR on a number of projects over many years ​, they are the greatest.

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