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You have been able to craft a Media Plan + Media Pitch + Media Placement = and generated a ton of Media Coverage.

Now we are going to take a moment to recognize – the public relations agencies across Canada who have created and constantly cultivating their relations with media in PR In Canada’s Media Relations Awards.

The awards program will Identify + Rank communications agencies on their ability to pitch to bloggers and journalist based on (9) areas of focus they cover in their stories.

This is your once a year opportunity to showcase to bloggers/ journalists, customers, prospects and the world how good your agency is at media relations.

We encourage public relations agencies to share the link and generate as many votes as possible.  The more times media votes for your agency, the more likely you are to win that category.

Public relations agency – Enter here.

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Agencies will be ranked by Gold, Silver and Bronze in the (10) categories. For example: ABC Agency won Gold Media Relations Award for Tech OR ABC Agency won Gold Media Relations for Tech and Bronze Media Relations Award for Fashion.

The 2016 Media Relations Awards are here to showcase your hard work and accomplishments. Don’t be shy. Let us brag about your achievements to the entire world. Agencies with the best media relations won’t go unnoticed.

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