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About the author

Tom Liacas

Tom Liacas is an online dialogue pioneer, who draws from his experiences as an activist and social media marketing strategist. Innovating as a core campaigner for groups such as Adbusters in the 90s, Tom gained a deep understanding of how digital tools and culture can be mobilized to exert pressure on corporations and governments. In the process, he also learned how the latter need to adapt their communications to enable more productive exchanges with their stakeholders.


Social Media Q+A – Stakeholder relations 2.0

By Tom Liacas / September 22, 2014

When asked to accurately describe the ‘core innovation’ I champion in the crowded world of digital public relations and issue management, I define it as follows: A system that leverages social media channels towards large-scale engagement of stakeholders in debates around controversial projects or policies. Now, let me explain…