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Kyle Flaherty

Kyle loves marketing, building brands, growing companies, and helping to be part of something special. Presently you'll find him doing each as the CMO at 21CT, a leading provider of data analytics used for healthcare fraud detection, cyber security and terrorist hunting. At 21CT Kyle had the great opportunity to rebrand a leading B2B technology player, from logo and naming, to tone and visual style. Timed to launch in August 2014 with the launch of their next-gen SaaS data analytics product, the 21CT rebrand established the company as a premiere technology upstart and was a shot across the bow at the billion-dollar behemoths they battle against. During his time at 21CT he has not only created a state-of-the-art brand, but dramatically grew (and measured) demand generation, revenue from marketing activities, and community engagement. You can connect with him @kyleflaherty.


Branding: The Emperor’s New Clothes

By Kyle Flaherty / September 17, 2014

The world has become filled with brand ‘experts’, but who can blame them when there are so many people claiming themselves social media gurus. The concept of branding has permeated our everyday lives, hitting every outlet and medium, and much of it can be centered on the desire to build ‘personal brands’. But it has also become a pop culture reference point, which is always the moment that a concept goes from a niche industry and into the lexicon of every day people.