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About the author

    Brenda Fiala

    Brenda Fiala is a Executive Vice President of Strategy in the Wunderman Network, and leads a global strategy function and the global strategy & planning council for the agency. Brenda’s collaborative and performance-focused leadership style delivers results through a passionate pursuit of data, insight, and practical solutions. She believes that deep insight vigorously pursued drives bold and breakthrough programs for clients. Today, brands need to live in four dimensions – they must build a relationship over time. With a PhD in Human Development and a Masters in Chemistry, she is the unique combination that embraces data and also has the ability to see how it impacts hearts and minds.


    21st Century Loyalty Marketing: Don’t Get Left Behind

    By Brenda Fiala / September 16, 2014

    Loyalty marketing as commonly practiced is quickly moving to the dustbin of marketing history. While the principle tenets and benefits of loyalty marketing remain as powerful as ever, previous models of execution are giving way to higher impact, more personal, and more efficient approaches to loyalty marketing.