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Asher Lurie


The New Front Line Of Journalism

By Asher Lurie / August 9, 2013

It is said that tragedy often brings about the best in people. This has been proven several times over in the weeks that followed tragic events through inspirational stories of marathon participants running to hospitals to donate blood, communities coming together to help with rescue and clean-up efforts in Oklahoma following the tornado, and the outpouring of support provided to the Bosma family in the days following Tim’s death.


Console-ing Customers: How Customers Forced Video Game Companies To Listen To Them

By Asher Lurie / July 26, 2013

Those that argue that companies still don’t listen to their customers should look no further than the current adjustments Microsoft are making to their Xbox One gaming console as proof that they’re mistaken. After two weeks of vehement complaining from a very vocal fan base, the company is removing restrictions on how the games can be played, as well as removing what were stringent rules in terms of game sharing and trading.


My Apologies: The Fine Art Of Earning Back Your Reputation

By Asher Lurie / July 19, 2013

With the recent news that formerly disgraced politician Anthony Weiner is making a run for the mayor’s spot in New York City, it seemed like an appropriate time to talk about how to rebuild one’s reputation, whether it is a company or a public figure. Why are we quick to forgive certain people, while others are never fully welcomed back into the public’s good graces?