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1 / 2 - What Are The Best Tools To Measure Social Media Campaigns

Social media, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have become invaluable tools to help with campaigns. Many of the campaigns that we have covered here and our our sister publication Profectio have had a social media component.

We are working on a new story and would love to hear your comments and thoughts, take a minute to share your opinion below.

Social Media

* What do you feel are the best tools to measure a social media campaign (ideally one(s) that you have used)

Send me a copy of Best Tool To Measure Social Media Campaigns Report

* The report will include a summary of each tool that we discover and is mentioned.

2/ 2 - Which Agencies Are Focused On Disruptive New Industries?

Between PR In Canada and Profectio we are constantly looking for innovative and new stories. Three industries that we are actively seeking to hear more about include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Cannabis

If you are an organization and/ or agency who behind the go-to market strategy, launch or other innovative initiatives that have helped companies in these industries gain success then s let us know.

* Tell us more about the success you have had in this area.

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