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Toronto, Are You Ready For Your Heineken Fresh Looks

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Ontario is successfully in Phase 2, just in time for Canadians to get that much over due haircut to get themselves patio ready.  It should come as no surprise to hear that 60% of Ontarians now have their sights on getting a professional haircut within the first month of Phase 2.

citizens will finally get a haircut and hit up personal care services with the same gusto as they did when patios reopened. While we’re still reveling in the freedoms of returning to patios and soaking up sunshine, 60 percent of Ontarians.  Booking appointment, long wait lines are enough to discourage even the shaggiest head of hair. 

Enter Heineken Fresh Looks – a unique outdoor salon experience that will provide Ontarians with what they’ve been missing most during lockdown: a haircut and a pint on the patio!





This limited time partnership with  RendezViews, and the Glassbox Barbershop, Heineken is offering fresh cuts with your fresh pints from July 8th to 22nd.   







“Since entering phase 2 last week, we’re already booked solid through to September,” says Peter Gosling, owner and operator of Glassbox. “Consumers are desperate to get their hair cut, and we’re desperate to get them into our chairs. Heineken Fresh Looks is helping give our stylists increased access to customers, and our customers increased access to us. It’s a win-win as we get back to normal, plus we all get to enjoy the experience on a patio.”

“Heineken has been enjoyed in restaurants and bars around the world for many years and while we encouraged everyone to socialize responsibly during this incredibly difficult time, we’re thrilled to see people meeting up again at the patio,” says Sasha Romano Lopez, senior marketing manager for Heineken in Canada. “Now that our favourite establishments are back, and that goes for restaurants, bars, barbershops and salons alike, we thought we’d have some fun over a fresh pint and a fresh cut!”

Ready to book your cut, to reserve a spot.

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