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Smarties Unwraps A Sweet Package On World Chocolate Day

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SmartiesToday is World Chocolate Day, and to celebrate not only the moment but the future Smarties has unveiled its newest product packaging.  Smarties takes pride in being first global confectionery brand to switch to paper packaging.  As part of this change by moving to paper packaging it diverts up to 26 tonnes of plastic from Canadian landfills each year, a key milestone along Nestlé Canada’s journey to make all of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025 and to reduce its use of virgin plastics by one third in the same period.

“For over 80 years, Smarties has committed to building a colourful world for future generations by inspiring creativity and encouraging families to Unbox Imagination together,” said Ryan Saunders, Vice President, Confectionery, Nestlé Canada. “Smarties paper packaging is a reflection of Nestlé Canada’s commitment to protect our environment, now and for future generations, and is just one of many steps on our journey to achieve 100 per cent reusable or recyclable packaging globally by 2025.”

The transformation of all Smarties packaging is one of the brand’s ‘SMARTIES Initiatives’ that aim to support sustainability and enhance the overall product experience.

Agencies behind SMARTIES Initiatives’ Campaign?

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