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Are You The Next Top Avochef? Avocados From Mexico Contest Now Open

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Avocados From MexicoAvocados From Mexico has launched the Avochef contest,  chance for amateur chefs can prove their avolover status by submitting their most creative, most enticing, and most delicious recipes using avocados. The brand is on the hunt for the most enthusiastic and imaginative avocado fans and is offering a chance to show their stuff, all while demonstrating the countless different ways avocados can be used.

The possibilities are endless – from sliced, diced, mashed, in a sauce, in a batter, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a midnight snack!

The contest is being held in collaboration with media partner Tastet, the go-to gourmet guide for foodies. To get the word out, it has produced a series of articles to coincide with the contest, providing details about the contest itself, as well as lots of inspiration. Tastet has also produced and shared two videos featuring Montreal chefs Aicia Colacci and Victor Soto to get the creative juices flowing. In their videos, each chef prepared a different recipe using avocados.

Top Chef Canada contestant and star of Montreal’s Italian food scene Aicia chose to prepare a scrumptious chocolate avocado ice cream sandwich that incorporated avocados in both elements of the recipe. Restauranteur and implant from Mexico Victor also thought outside the box, making a creamy avocado soup packed with traditional Mexican flavours. Both videos are available here.

Contest details are on the Tastet Facebook page, a number of prizes are available for the top 5 chefs.

Agencies behind Avocados From Mexico Campaign?

  • Public Relations: SOPEXA Canada [TCO]

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