Humber College And Agnostic Partner On The Impression Campaign, Diversity Scholarships For Public Relations Students

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Humber CollegeHumber College and Agnostic [TCO], have launched The Impression Campaign which aims at create scholarships that will attract and retain racialized students to the college’s Bachelor of Public Relations program.

“Students who are balancing schoolwork, a job or multiple jobs and personal commitments, have limited time to spend on their studies.,” said Anne Marie Males, Program Co-ordinator, Humber College. “Providing ongoing financial support in the form of scholarships to these students allows them to stay in school, focus on their education, and removes the concerns about how they will pay for their tuition and other related educational expenses.”

While racial bias has often been one of the obstacles that people of colour face, a lack of proper recruitment initiatives at the high school level also prevents the communications industry from being as diverse as it could be.  Impression has been designed to address this issue by providing entrance scholarships targeted at racialized high school students and retention scholarships that will support students once they are in the program and working towards graduation.

“For an industry that is very focused on creating impressions for our clients and also measures itself through impressions, we are failing at making an impression when it comes to diversity,” said Sarah Crabbe, President, Agnostic. “The Impression Campaign is a way to actively recruit more potential communicators from racialized backgrounds into the industry and will help elevate the work that the industry can do over the next number of years and beyond.”

“The only way to make a real impact on the diversity issue facing our industry today is for industry leaders to work together,” said Crabbe. “We need to create the space and support for racialized persons at the onset of their career and most importantly at the education level. It’s why we’re calling on all agencies to take action and contribute to Impression.”

Agencies and communications teams looking to step up and make a difference for the next generation have an opportunity to  join Agnostic and other agencies who have come on board and develop criteria that reflects their company’s diversity and inclusion objectives.

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