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Queen Priyanka & Vizzy Launch The #Vizzybility Project

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VizzyThis week hard seltzer brand Vizzy rolled out its newest campaign and turned to Queen Priyanka as Community Impact Director.  Vizzy has also launched the #Vizzybility Project – a brand new creative grant program that elevates the #Vizzybility of LGBTQ+ artists.

The #Vizzybility Project will award four LGBTQ+ artists a grant for a special creative project where winners will receive ongoing mentorship from the Queen herself and national visibility through media amplification.

Art and performance are one of the simplest ways for people to express themselves and feel a sense of belonging, however despite inspiring so much of our culture, more than 69% of the Canadian LGBTQ+ community feel underseen and misrepresented in the media. Through the #Vizzybility Project, four diverse LGBTQ+ artists in Canada will be selected to receive a grant valued at approximately $35,000 each that will advance their art and its exposure in a big way.

The grant program is part of Vizzy Hard Seltzer’s overall commitment to show up for the LGBTQ+ community in ways that matter most. Working with the Queen Priyanka and the Queer Collective, a notable nonprofit committed to creating accurate and positive representation for every subgroup of the LGBTQ2S+ Community, Vizzy will invest over $1MM this year to support under-represented artists in various ways.  

Agencies behind Vizzy’s #Vizzybility Project?

  • Public Relations: Citizen Relations Canada [TCO]

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