So.da Turns Data Into 5 New Content Series

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SO.DAso.da [TCO] has rolled out five new originals series starting this month, producing serialized content in-house on a wide range of topics and trends from baking to cosplay (costume play) to sex education. so.da came up with the show concepts by combining in-depth research, insights on audience behaviours, trend data, as well as ongoing testing and optimization learnings from across Corus’ [TCO] portfolio of social brands.

“Across our brands, we have incredibly loyal, passionate and engaged communities who are connecting with us around their passion points – from Food to Home, to Fashion, Beauty, Wellness, Travel, Pop Culture, Music, and so much more, our audiences are looking to us not only to be entertained, but for advice, inspiration, recommendations, and connection to like-minded Canadians,”  said Dervla Kelly, Senior Vice President, Marketing & so.da. “Through a deep understanding of what drives our audience, along with data-driven insights, we continue to build out a ton of new content to engage our audiences, while providing seamless opportunities for advertisers to integrate into our short-form content.”

The five shows include Food Network Canada: Baking Therapy (8 x 5-10 mins); HGTV Canada: Plant Mama (6 x 5-10 mins); HISTORY: Canada Uncovered (4 x 4-6 mins); SHOWCASE: Queens of Cosplay (4 x 4-6 mins); and SLICE: Sex Sessions (10 x 3-5 mins).

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