Half Vacuum, Half Cooler, Molson Brewmboni Rolls Into NHL Playoffs

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Molson BrewmboniWhat happens when you combine a vacuum and cooler? You get the brand new Molson Brewmboni.  As Canadians are getting ready for the 2021 NHL playoffs by releasing a cool innovations that will “sweep” the nation – Brewmboni.

The mini robot vacuum turned beer cooler will keep your floors sparkling and your beer cold, all the way from puck drop and until well after the fans clear out. With a whisper quiet motor, a sleek aerodynamic design, the ability to detect hard to clean messes, and a game night compartment perfectly molded to hold up to four Molson Canadian tall boys, the Brewmboni is the game-time companion that you didn’t know you were looking for.

“With the NHL playoffs ringing in a second virtual season, we know that Canadian hockey fans are missing the sights and sounds of their hometown arenas more than ever,” said Joy Ghosh, Senior Brand Director for the Molson family of brands. “The Brewmboni is a light-hearted way that we can bring fans closer to Canada’s game while enjoying an ice-cold Molson Canadian from the comfort of their squeaky-clean living rooms.”

As of publishing the Molson Brewmboni is not currently available for purchase, but consumers can visit MolsonBrewmboni.ca and download the computer-aided design files to build their own.

Agencies behind Molson Brewmboni Campaign?

  • Public Relations: Citizen Relations Canada [TCO]


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