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PinkCherry Wants You To “Invest In Yourself” Sexually

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PinkCherry, one of the largest retailers of sex toys has launched its newest campaign and once again enjoying a tongue n’ cheek tone the brand is known for.  While many are getting ready for tax time and the flood of information about RRSP’s and the state of our wealth portfolios. PinkCherry’s latest campaign wants you to Invest In Yourself.


The campaign aims to remind people that there are more ways to invest in yourself and release stress, besides financial contribution. The most important of which is an investment in yourself and your sexual wellness.

According to Daniel Freedman, Chief Executive Officer, “With all the stock market talk this time of year, we felt like there was an opportunity to really remind people that they should focus on personal investments in themselves, and we’re here to help. No matter what you’re looking for, PinkCherry has one of the biggest assortments of health and sexual wellness products in North America.”

With a theme of investment advertisements, playful radio ads were created on the theme of “investment”, through the use of wording such as “investment tools”, “liquid assets” and “adjustable bonds”. But once the PinkCherry name is revealed with products such as the Womanizer Liberty clitoral stimulator, or the Chorus couple vibrator, the idea comes full circle. Cleverly using very familiar language and culture around investment banking that tends to be a little dry, but instead using it as sexual innuendos.

Print ads were also created with cheesy stock photography images where people are investing in the stock market, only now they’re buying toys. With cheeky, double entendres wording such as “Increase your liquidity” and “You’ll love the after hours trading”.

The campaign includes major billboards and will run radio ads nationally across Canada and the US ranging from CNN, Fox and the provocative The Howard Stern Show.

Agency Behind PinkCherry’s Invest In Yourself Campaign:

  • Wild Child Group PR [TCO]
  • The Local Collective

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