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Kruger Products Takes An Unapologetic Approach To Uniting Communities Across Canada

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Kruger ProductsCanada’s multicultural talent is taking center stage thanks for the folks at Kruger Products [TCO] who along are taking time to celebrate our cultural mosaic.

Kruger Products, makers of top-selling brands including Cashmere and Purex Bathroom Tissue, Scotties Facial Tissue and SpongeTowels Paper Towels, has rolled out the new creative, produced in three languages in collaboration with film director Bobby Singh Brown and musicians Qurram ‘Q’ Hussain, Hindi/Urdu; Moulann, Mandarin; and Mr. Will Wong, Cantonese, features original music, captivating lyrics and culturally relevant visuals designed to strike an evocative chord with Canada’s South Asian and Chinese communities.

Kruger Products broke its first-ever Unapologetically Human Masterbrand campaign under the direction of its new Chief Marketing Officer, Susan Irving, in Fall 2020. The raw, messy, and unexpected creative is a strong departure from the category’s typically clean, white, mess-free imagery. The English language spot features real Canadians dealing with real messes: crying, bleeding, spilling, eating, using the toilet, and all. It became an instant hit with consumers from coast-to-coast, and a natural next step was to extend the narrative to Canada’s large South Asian and Chinese communities.

“We strongly believe in the power of multicultural marketing, and the importance of reimagining our communications to establish relevancy, cultural meaning, and authentic storytelling,” says Susan Irving. “We wanted Unapologetically Human’s multicultural adaptation to be equally, if not more compelling for its target audiences. That’s why we chose not to cut a single corner, and reimagined three new spots with original music and singers in three languages, and a complete re-edit of our footage under the direction of our talented production team at Ethnicity Matters,” she says.


“Never Give Up, Keep Going!, and its inspiration, Unapologetically Human, are labours of love that connect us with our Chinese and South Asian consumers and talented multicultural creatives,” says Susan Irving. “Connecting with these Canadians is the most rewarding part of developing our communications, and we look forward to continuing to do so,” she adds.

Thoughtful filming, careful content selection and thorough editing were essential to deliver successful final products. As the creative was shot amid the pandemic, Kruger partnered with real families – as that was what protocols would allow. Diverse casting by Kruger ensured strong representation in the full suite of Unapologetically Human ad spots, and Desert Tent Music’s creative vision brought culturally relevant visuals to the forefront of the Hindi/Urdu, Mandarin and Cantonese spots.

Kruger Products’ Never Give Up, Keep Going! ads in Hindi/Urdu, Mandarin and Cantonese aired throughout December 2020 and will continue through January 2021 in the Toronto and Vancouver markets, on culturally relevant broadcast and digital channels. The creative can be seen and shared at the following links: Hindi/UrduCantoneseMandarinEnglish and French

Agency Kruger Products’ Unapologetically Human Masterbrand Campaign:

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