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Duracell Charges Up The Holidays With “Power Safely” Message

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DuracellDuracell [TCO] has an important message about child safety for this holiday season and they want Canadians to “Power Safely”.  

To kickstart the Power Safely campaign, Duracell has created an informational educational video to shed light on the effects lithium coin battery ingestions can have on young children and to help encourage better practices and prevention among parents and caregivers. The video showcases how even the most child-proofed home can still have hidden dangers that may be inadvertently overlooked, and how important the extra line of defense from the new non-toxic bitter coating may be to help protect children from the dangers of accidental ingestion.

To help protect children a bitter coating on its lithium coin batteries — sizes 2032, 2025, and 2016.  According to Duracell’s research coin battery ingestions are on the rise annually and damage that can occur in just two hours from ingestion, Duracell was determined to provide parents and caregivers of young children with an additional safety feature, child-safe packaging, and supportive education to help reverse this rising and devastating trend.
Duracell Lithium Coin batteries (sizes 2032, 2025, and 2016) will now contain a non-toxic, bitter coating designed to help discourage swallowing. This bitter coating is applied to these battery sizes which have a diametre of 20mm, which is similar to the size of a child’s esophagus. If a child swallows a lithium coin battery, it can get lodged in the esophagus and burn through the surrounding tissue in as little as two hours, causing serious damage.


“Having treated young children in the emergency room who have accidentally swallowed lithium coin batteries, I have experienced firsthand the detrimental physical impact to these children and effects on the parents,” says Dr. Dina Kulik, pediatrician and emergency medicine physician. “As a mother of four young boys myself, I can appreciate how important it is for parents to be aware of this serious issue and making sure the appropriate precautions are taken to help protect our children.”

Duracell’s Child Secure Pack features a tough double blister around the lithium coin cell that is nearly impossible to open without scissors. Duracell is also providing supportive education through its “Power Safely” initiative, which aims to educate consumers on the potential hidden dangers in the home, steps to take to decrease accidental ingestions and further child safety measures they can adopt.

Agency Behind Durcell’s Power Safely Campaign:

  • Porter Novelli Canada [TCO]

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