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#TakeoutDay Expands Initiative To Add Further Support For Local Restaurants

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Back in April we announced a new campaign called #TakeoutDay, which sought out garner support for local restaurants across Canada each Wednesday as a result of the impact of COVID-19.  With new lockdowns being mandated, the creators behind Canada Takeout have evolved the concept to encourage Canadians make takeout a regular part of their week on any day, in support of local restaurants.

“From March until September, the restaurant market Canada-wide lost $11B in sales,” explained Robert Carter, a Managing Partner with The StratonHunter Group. “Research at Dalhousie University now suggests that, of consumer spending, over $6B will shift from the grocery and on-premise restaurant category to the online space.”

Canada Takeout’s platform provides consumer-facing restaurant map, takeout-centric blogs and newsletters to help restaurants reach potential customers and provide seamless ways for customers to find, order from and support their local restaurants and restaurateurs.

CT’s new platform is designed around themed occasions and culinary diversity (supported by brands like French’s, Campbell’s, and Frank’s RedHot, and points Canadians to restaurants that serve the featured dishes.

Agency Behind #TakeoutDay Campaign:

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