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How Brookline Public Relations Navigates Press Conferences During The Pandemic

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Brookline Public RelationsCOVID-19 has forced all business to adapt and find new ways to run their business, as communicators this also includes running a press conference.  PR In Canada caught up with Calgary-based Brookline Public Relations [TCO] to learn more about how the agency has continue to deliver press conferences for their clients.

Brookline was tasked recently to host a press conference for ICE District who announced new rental option in the city’s $2.5 billion mixed-use sports and entertainment district. Brookline developed and executed an intimate press conference, limiting media to one reporter per outlet to keep to minimal numbers, and then offered one on one tours to interior design and lifestyle influencers in the city. 

Brookline has held numerous press events in the past, how was this event different during COVID?

  • Holding a COVID-safe event doesn’t mean the event will be less impactful – it’s just important to be creative. By being extremely diligent and transparent with media around processes and protocols, we achieved, if not exceeded, coverage expectations.

What new things needed to be added? Taken away?

  • Brookline was extremely stringent on ensuring all media outlets could be included by limiting each outlet to one reporter each. The space we chose was strategically picked to allow for social distancing and we limited tours to one on ones, which meant a longer event, but everyone was flexible as they understood the rationale. We had multiple touch points with media to ensure they understood policies and protocols so there were no surprises at the press conference.

What made this press conference (during COVID) a success?

  • Planning ahead – ensuring we had addressed any possible safety issues and working with media to have a mutual buy-in around how the conference would be structured and why.

What aspects of press events held during COVID will remain post-COVID?

  • COVID for any media activities, has pushed companies to have to be creative around how they announce news. Virtual will likely always be an option, but in-person still provides a unique element in providing comprehensive visuals and better interview rapport.

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