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DYMON Self Storage Rolls Out Massive Million Mask Initiative

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DYMON Self Storage recently announced a new charity initiative where the company led by owners Glen Luckman and Brent Wilson donated of one million commercial grade face masks to charities and community groups in the Greater Toronto Area in order to combat the spread of COVID-19. DYMON Self Storage’s initiative is designed to protect vulnerable residents of the GTA in the face of rising case numbers by distributing DYMON face masks to front line workers and clients of charities and community groups.

DYMON Self Storage

“Like everyone, we are very concerned with the rise in COVID-19 cases across the GTA and want to ensure the health and safety of vulnerable people within our community by providing commercial grade face masks,” said Glen Luckman, CEO of DYMON. “DYMON Self Storage’s donation of certified face masks to the GTA is a reflection of our corporate commitment to philanthropy and our pledge to donate 50% of profits and 50% of our value creation to charity over time.”

Over the past three weeks DYMON has donated over 100,000 face masks to more than 40 charitable and community organizations in the City of Ottawa, including The Ottawa Mission, The Ottawa Housing Corporation, and the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization. DYMON’s donation of one million face masks to the GTA is an expansion of the charitable work the company has already done. 

Agencies behind DYMON Self Storage Massive Mask Initiative?

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