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3 Signs It’s Time to Fire A Client

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For An AgencyEvery business will go through points in its history when it is looking for new business, but then there are moments when it is time to part ways with a client. Here are some of the common signs that it was time for them to fire a client.

1. They do not respect you.

Do you have any clients who are constantly overbearing?  A client who simples dos not respect your time and constantly has unrealistic expectations for your work together. They are never willing to compensate you for your time appropriately. 

If a client is not respecting your boundaries, they need to go. If a client is not paying you enough and they are a headache on top of that, then they really need to go. These types of projects are not worth the stress and are taking up valuable time.

2. You do not have the time.

You might find yourself in a situation where a client is no longer fit into your business model or schedule. 
You business might have grown so much that the client is no longer paying enough for your to continue with the project. 

3. You have outgrown them.

Sometimes, the need to fire a client is based on the fact that you’ve outgrown them. As your move forward in your business and career, your interests might change. Sometimes you might no longer share the same passion in what a client’s business is focused on. You might need to turn  down a partnership opportunity because it’s better suited for someone who covers more traditional forms of employment.

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