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Helping Diverse Talent Raise Their Voices, 1Milk2Sugars Launches Inclusive Influencer Agency

1Milk2Sugars1Milk2Sugars is a full service PR & Online Marketing Agency, representing luxury and high end brands in beauty, fashion, food, wine and spirits, restaurants, entertainment, ...

double shot1Milk2Sugars [TCO] is having a great year as we have shared with you before, and part of this success derives from the agency being forward thinking enough to offer services beyond just traditional public relations. 1Milk2Sugars, ‘s Founder Priya Chopra and her management team are constantly looking at the marketplace to anticipate and challenge themselves to offer more to their clients.  With this in mind 1Milk2Sugars has launched double shot, an influencer and talent management company designed to promote a more culturally diverse and inclusive digital landscape.

Like the name suggests, double shot is aiming to be a jolt for the marketing world, North America’s growing and diverse consumers are becoming increasingly savvy about the brands they support and whether those brands genuinely represent their consumers’ values. By creating impactful content and matching brands with influencers who are authentic and diverse, double shot helps brands inject real meaning into their marketing. The agency will offer turnkey solutions for brands from campaign conceptualization, talent casting, content creation, reporting and monitoring.


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